Music Education & Outreach

In addition to our public concerts, another important part of our mission is to inspire and enrich the lives of every child in our community through access to high quality music appreciation and education.  Music knowledge is essential for students’ social and emotional well-being, and we  believe that every child should be enriched by music in the formative years. Bringing music education to children in their early years enriches their lives with the understanding not only of great music, but also of the diverse cultures in which we live.  Fallbrook Music Society is the only organization in rural North San Diego County that fulfills these unmet cultural needs, reaching area residents and students of all socio-economic, ethnic and educational backgrounds.

Music In Our Schools Again!

Ramping up again after a couple of years of absence due to covid, we are once again helping enrich our local elementary school students.  The renowned Westwind Brass Quintet performed 15 grade and age-appropriate concerts for more than 3,000 enthusiastic students in both districts.  The programs were engaging to students and teachers alike,  and were all about how music can tell a story, evoke emotions, and even paint pictures of specific animals – just with sounds!

With the help of donations from several local organizations, individuals and the Music Performance Trust Fund, we provided back-to-back music assemblies for Bonsall Elementary, Live Oak, La Paloma, Wm. H. Frazier, Fallbrook STEM Academy and Maie Ellis schools.  The free in-school assemblies are designed to make music a part of every child’s life experience by exposing students to world cultures, help build musical awareness, contribute to music education and expand understanding of music and its origins.

Fallbrook Boys and Girls Club Outreach

Recently, we introduced a new outreach program in partnership with the Fallbrook Boys and Girls Club on Ivy Street.  The comprehensive music education program was implemented with a 7-week summer ukulele class and has now been expanded to include voice and piano instruction.  We are pleased to be able to bring music instruction through our team of teachers so the children can individually experience such demonstrations of collaboration, discipline and creativity in a fun and participatory environment.

The classes provide each student with dedicated teachers and accompanists, instruments, books, music sheets, tuners and music stands.  Periodically, we provide instrumental Master Class performances by either an individual or group of musicians who perform for the children, followed by an interactive discussion of the instruments involved, how they function, make sounds, the type of music they’ve just experienced, and how the music gets from the music sheets to the instruments.  These music classes are provided twice weekly and FREE of charge to all student participants.